“The best horror novel ever written!” He scanned the back of his most recent literary success. “Spine-tingling and utterly terrifying” He read the quotes, but he had a hard time believing them. When he first started writing, he understood fear, fear translated through his rapid typing fingers. He could tap into the darkness within himself, […]

Girls are scary as fuck, the way they interact with each other, the judgment, exchanges being passed, the belittling, and all done with a single glance. Knowing a lot of girls I can tell you watching them interact is really interesting and really scary. One funny thing I found is how if a girl is […]

I’ve never been much of a texter, I always feel like I have too much to say, which probably comes from my writer-like mind. However, that’s become a rarity in this generation where texting has become a second language of it’s own. A “wuddup” sent at three am has now a branch of possible meanings, […]

She wasn’t like anything he’d ever seen, she could be described as weird and unusual but she infatuated him in every way. Being a cab driver in the city, he’d seen thousands of the most interesting people he could ever imagine but there was something about her that struck him with pain. The girl never […]

Lindsay Lohan is the most fascinating celebrity to exist, ever. There’s a bold statement that just lost me a few followers, but let me explain. Everyone loves a comeback, but not as much as people weirdly love watching the downfall of someone with a good image turn into an absolute train wreck. Go check Google […]

It’s a place the young in the spotlight come to party, it’s the place the has-beens come to die. Dark shadowy stars from the overlooking palm trees decorate the pavement surrounding the pool. He enters with his bags still clutched in his unbloodied hands. His naivety plastered in his eyes, the enchantment of the hotel, […]

Social Media is the downfall of society, blah, blah, blah, we’ve all heard it before. I know, it’s a tired topic and who am I to judge? Writing this I even glanced over to check out my Facebook timeline, because you never know when a gem like that girl who rejected your valentine is already […]


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